Hey Mama!!

I’m Rachel, a wife, mom & certified Online Business Manager. I was raised in the south and currently live in South Carolina. I am obsessed with the ocean and could spend all day on a boat soaking up the sunshine. (Growing up in Florida, I’m definitely an island girl at heart.) I love freelancing as it gives me the freedom to stay at home with my son while pursuing my love of business. 

I have a passion for helping creative mompreneurs reduce the overwhelm in their business because let’s be honest, motherhood is crazy enough. Your business doesn’t have to be, though. My passion is to help mompreneurs, like yourself, focus on what you love most about your business, the reason you started your journey. My goal is to help you get comfortable in your zone of genius, knowing that the day-to-day tasks are in great hands. And feel confident that your vision and success does not come with a cost of time lost with your family.

Favorite Destination


Highlights: Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef and seeing South Pacific at the Sydney Opera House

Currently Reading

Story Brand and Atomic Habits

Could Eat on the Daily


with chips, salsa, and preferably a margarita

Favorite Hobby

Lobstering in the Florida Keys

Personality Types

Enneagram 6, Strengths Finder: Harmony, Empathy, Responsibility, Achiever, and Developer

Favorite Books

Harry Potter Series, Cultivate by Lara Casey. and any Max Lucado book

Rachel has been an amazing person to work with as I have been overwhelmed with some smaller projects that are out of my wheelhouse, and all projects that had a short deadline. Every time I reached out to Rachel, she was anxious to get to work and is so thorough with her questions and extremely attentive to detail. She inspires so much trust, and I hope to be able to utilize her so much more in the future!
Dee-Anna P.

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